Opening, managing or expanding an IT company can drastically increase costs and decrease operational efficiency. Having to focus your time and resources on something other than your core business responsibilities leads to inefficiency and overheads. IT outsourcing enables you to derive optimal performance without losing focus on your business processes. Some of the benefits associated with outsourcing are:

  • Gain access to a pool of talented, trained and highly skilled team
  • Leverage the latest technologies to gain a competitive edge over others
  • Develop efficient, robust and scalable business solutions
  • Control IT Costs
  • Faster Time to Market
  • Ability to increase your resource base without hiring expensive manpower
  • Quick and reliable delivery mechanism

Our expertise and experience in various verticals and technologies allows us to complete your project while you stay focused on your core business resources.

Ardor analyses your business requirements to develop highly scalable solutions intended to streamline all mission-critical processes. Based on the size and complexity of your needs, we devote the required resources to your company that adds value to your business and helps you to achieve your objectives effectively.

Our Outsourcing Services

  • Offshore Outsourcing
  • Outsourced Product Development (OPD)
  • Offshore Development Centre (VODC)
  • Staff Augmentation Services

Business Process Outsourcing

Businesses nowadays are continuously trying to cut costs, tighten controls and improve business performance, without disturbing internal operations. Ardor will help you achieve your objectives while making improvements in your processes that makes business work smarter and efficient.

Our expertise lies in providing offshore back office support services. We follow a very well-structured procedure in carrying out the process to ensure high-quality output and short turnaround time. We provide following services:

Offshore Data Entry Process

Ardor data capture services provide high quality, effective and low-cost solutions suited to large applications such as form processing, data extraction from web, electronic publication, file conversion and more. Our expert team together with our values helps us to achieve the impossible and create value for our clients.

Data Reconciliation Services

Data reconciliation involves comparing related data elements across two or more sources using a combination of manual and automated processes. Outsourcing data reconciliation tasks allow you to focus your resources and time on the core business processes which accelerates growth.

  • Ensuring data is correct for further calculations
  • Reconciling income statements, invoices, travel & expense receipts
  • Assessing and correcting incorrect data
  • Order & Accounts monitoring

Email-based Support

We are committed to manage your email support requirements from customers. We strive to build exceptional customer relationships with effective and high-quality responses that are tailor-made to your customer's unique queries within a very short turnaround time.

Online Profile Approvals

The community portal at large, is inviting registrations and memberships in order to build a big member base. Most of the time, these companies shift their focus on handling and managing these customer base rather than other core functions. This makes them to invest heavily on building a support mechanism and monitoring it round the clock which delays investment in marketing activities. We at Ardor, provide the right technology and support needed to achieve what is needed with great focus on quality and efficiency.

Online Chat

Ardor provides chat services to extend round-the clock support to customers via online chat. Online chat has its own advantages as it can be used to provide 24/7 support to your customers and also helps to keep the cost at a low. Moreover, your customers will no longer have to wait for your support services to start which add value to your services. Whether it’s Text, Vice, or Video support, we provide flexible services that cater to your business needs.

Web Content Approval

We understand, how important it is for businesses to have good and clean content on their website. It’s important to filter out the bad content and keep it free objectionable material. Our innovative methodology helps us to remove the filth and unnecessary content from the archived parts of your website. We will adopt a well structures process for all the content that flows-in to your website that will enable us to check all user driven content against the guidelines for each category and then upload it or reject it based on the given criteria.

Advantages Through Ardor's Solutions

100% Data & IP Protection

Future Proof Technology

Maintain High Confidentiality

24 x 7 Technical Support & Maintenance

100% Transparency Throughout Project

Innovative & Integrated Approach

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