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How We Build

Research and Analyse

We engage with you to discuss on how we can help you create the technology that makes a positive difference. We will use our experience of working on projects that match your business to provide you with the right framework that will help your organisation achieve its full potential and be cost effective.

Only after we understand your requirements and targets, we will suggest you, the right technology. Based on the research, we may suggest you a mixture of technologies or ask you to make changes to the existing one which you might be using.

We have the right talent pool and skills which will allow you to create the right solution that fits your business needs and helps you to grow profoundly together with adding value.

Build and Test

Based on the specifications, analysis, budget and scope of your project, Ardor may use Agile approach or Scrum approach or use altogether a new tailor made method, whichever suits your needs. Each model has its own benefits and limitations, but our team of planning and technical experts will consult with you on the process that fits you the best. We enable businesses to achieve concrete results through a people-centered approach to technology.

At Ardor, we understand that change keeps happening in this world. Keeping this in mind, we constantly evolve, adapt and enhance our development methodologies to meet the ever-changing technology trends and demands and help clients innovate and expand at a faster pace. At the end of development stage we test the software on different parameters by different experts as well as by the final users. Only after strenuous testing procedures and final touches, it is delivered to the client.

Support and Enhance

Developing the software and implementing it on the client side is not the end of our business with you. As soon as the software is ready for use, we start providing support services to our clients on a round the clock basis which allows the businesses to focus their energy on other tasks. Together with this, we keep on enhancing and improving it, so that it meets your growing business needs.

Our aftersales relationship with our clients is what makes us different from other companies. We trust that true relationship starts at close of sale and we put efforts in continuously supporting and enhancing the software to support your business vision.

Innovate and Evolve

As we believe that innovation is in itself a competitive advantage, thus we innovate at different levels of our functioning as well as in what we create for our clients. We motivate our people to pitch new ideas and think beyond the conventional method. We continuously innovate our products, services, processes and support services to new levels that improves quality, increases productivity and inspires people, which helps us and our clients to evolve with the changing environments.

Our passion to innovate helps us to uncover the possibilities for our partners. We work with our clients and partners closely on innovative projects and transform their dreams into reality.

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