Media and entertainment industry has evolved tremendously in the last decade. Introduction of new technologies and digitalization of the processes have drastically changed the way industry works. Interactive Gaming, movies, music, radio broadcasting and Entertainment channels have transformed this industry into a technology dominant sector.

The Successful introduction of social media, wireless services and device proliferation has given a new direction to the media environment. People now have the tools to consume and manage unlimited content and all this is readily available to them at cheaper costs, thus, giving them the more power and control over the market.

Our Expertise

The industry continuously delivers its services to market and audiences globally, therefore, it needs solutions that allow it to provide high standard services to its customers easily with more control over its operations. Our expertise in social networking concepts and content distribution helps us to provide excellent solutions to businesses in this domain. Together with this, we have a dedicated team which includes media and entertainment professionals with deep knowledge of the industry which enables them to cater to the complex demands of the market and come up with innovative ideas that enhance the process which indirectly helps businesses to increase their market share and achieve its full potential through efficient and innovative solutions.

Our Capabilities

  • Digital Media Content Publishing
  • Social Networking Portal
  • Online Marketing and Campaign Management System
  • Web Content Management Solutions
  • Native Mobile Application Development
  • Multi-Channel Distribution Platforms (B2B)
  • Enterprise Applications and Business Intelligence
  • Broadcasting Applications
  • Simplifying and Innovating Media and Entertainment

Ardor Advantages of Media Industry

100% Data & IP Protection

Future Proof Technology

Maintain High Confidentiality

24 x 7 Technical Support & Maintenance

100% Transparency Throughout Project

Innovative & Integrated Approach

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