Healthcare has emerged as one of the fastest developing sectors in the present market. Innovative breakthrough discoveries have made this segment diverse and complex. This sector deals in products and services that treat patients with preventive, curative and rehabilitative care.

Healthcare is one of the fastest developing domains with numerous breakthrough discoveries. On one hand, this industry faces various challenges like government regulations, rising cost of care and inefficiency, but on the other hand, there are many opportunities like government incentives, growing interest in preventive care, improvement in patient care. All these factors affect the businesses and requires it to improve and innovate from time to time.

Our Expertise

Ardor empowers businesses to be ahead of the competition by delivering innovative solutions that focus on research and development, test automation, business intelligence, application development, analytics and consulting services.

We believe in providing solutions that surpass industry expectations and add value to businesses. Our commitment to excellence not only reduces risk and cost for our clients, but also the efforts that they might have to put in running them on-site. We focus on patient driven solutions that help the industry to better manage illness.

Ardor can help you to use the web to better serve your patients by streamlining your workflows, effectively synchronising offline data and manage resources more effectively. Be it Claim management, billing to analytics or any complex problem, Ardor will provide solutions that will help your business to improve efficiency and offer better services. Whether you are in need of innovative Mobile technology, CRM solution or product design solutions, we can build a future proof technology solution that caters to your needs and evolves with the industry's changing environment thus protecting your investment.

Our Capabilities

  • Legacy Migration solutions
  • CRM systems
  • Inventory management systems
  • E-learning solutions / tutorials
  • E-commerce systems
  • Workflow systems
  • Data migration
  • Websites
  • Mobile Apps

Ardor Advantages of Healthcare Industry

100% Data & IP Protection

Future Proof Technology

Maintain High Confidentiality

24 x 7 Technical Support & Maintenance

100% Transparency Throughout Project

Innovative & Integrated Approach

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